Testimonials "I Got It!!!!!!!!!! It is AWESOME! This is the icing on the cake! Now I need to get to work. I recently rebuilt my 59' Panhead, so now I have to decide whether to put this wheel on the 59' or my 52' Panhead. Just in time for the Memorial Weekend Bike Run, I will send you pictures"
Al in Hawaii . . .

"Everybody loves my Maltese wheels, I will take a picture as soon as it warms up and email them to you."
Dar in Germany (Capt. US Army) "

Recevied 5 Spoke Invader wheel on Fri. 4/22, Super fast shipping. Thanks. Beautifull Wheel, I really like it alot.
Just wanted to let you know. Have a nice day.
Thanks again, Howard"

"This wheel was worth the wait! What a great looking, true running wheel. We received the wheel on 5/13/2005 and cut spacers to fit it up on 5/14/2005! The pictures are from a run we did on 5/15/2005. We did a total of 230 miles that day on Detroit roads. Your wheels passed the test."

"We will take some non-event pictures this weekend for you. Great product and a great price. They have the perfect look and performance for my wife's Sporty. "
Matthew in Michigan

". . .Got the rear wheel today. That's a damn fine looking wheel! Outstanding! Looks even better in real life & mocked up with a new tire. Made the bike "come alive" & changed the whole appearance & theme. Took the day off & been running back & forth to local harley shop today for spacers and this & that. Each time, they said "nice looking wheel" like they'd never seen it before. The guy's at UPS were anticipating the arrival also. Sure got some "ooohhh'ss & aahhh's" there too... BIG TIME!
Marty in Ukiah...

Scott....wheels were delivered this afternoon (THURSDAY). Man....very cool looking. Thanks again...Ken(2-1-2006)

I got my wheels today and I'm REEL happy. Good job guys.
Bruce Young, Bisbee,Az. ( Jan 2006)

I sent you an e-mail with my concerns and you replied immediately with confidence...I now know at age 65 that I made the right decision to buy my wheels from you...I asked the dumb questions and you came back with the answers that will surely help spread the word about the wheels I've loved so much...when people ask me where I got the wheels you can rest assured I'll answer as honest as you have..they will definitely get your name and e-mail address thank you-------------fran (Feb 2006)

"Morning, should let you know it slide together like a Dream. Spacers were right on the money. 5 Stainless screws and aircraft nuts for the disc and down the road..... .... and I am getting the Old skool look I have been working towards......what I refer to as the Poor Man's chop.... after a couple more little items I will send you picture.... I may even have a good picture of my 51 Pan with the 5 spoke invaders.. ...... Thanx again. Dave L. 3-14-2006

"Well the Invader is mounted and we are rolling! Dropped the front fender off for powdercoat yesterday so I'll forward pics as soon as it's completely done. Rode it last Saturday to the grand opening of a bike shop and it was a big hit. Got as many looks as most of the $25K plus custom choppers! Shaving .220" off the stock spacers was perfect...rotor ended up smack dab in the middle of the brake pads. Regards, Steve 4-20-06 (we gave him the dimension to modify the spacers)

"Hey guys, thought you might dig the pics. Your product has really given this bike the ego boost it needed. The wheel is everything you promised and more. Thanks for putting up with the constant update questions. 5-30-06
Jason Sharp... '03 FXDWG Invader 5 x 21 x 2.15

"Some pics of the bike with your Invader wheel. Sorry it took so long getting these to you. Thanks again for a great wheel and all the help (info) in getting it installed! A lot of people ask where I got the wheel and I'm sure to tell em from you!
Regards, Steve July 2006 (U.S. Army - Ft. McPherson

"Scott, finally here is a picture of the wheel on my bike. I still have some mods to do before the bike is finished. I'm very please with the wheel. Thanx again.
Timmy D ... 7-7-06

Got a set of your wheels a couple months ago and got the bike all buttoned up finally. Thought you might be interested in the finished product so heres a pick, thanx alot for a great product and feel free to use the picture if you like thanx again, Dustin S. 8-14-06 "The wheels came today. They are freakin' beautiful! I couldn't be any happier. I dropped the wheels at the painters this morning. He was really impressed with the welds and the overall workmanship of the wheels."
Thanks Mike Halloran May 2006

Hey Invader Guys, Please consider my 2003 Road King for your gallery! I love my Invaders, thanks' so much for making them for me. They really suit the theme of my bike add an element of cool that I could get from no other rims!!! I live in Port Dover, Ontario home of Canada's largest biker rally which happens every Friday the 13th. Weather permitting we can have up to 150,000 bike enthusiasts per day. Nothing gives me more pride than when some old timer says "Hey where did you get the Invaders?"

Thanks again,
Jim De Luca
Port Dover, Ontario Hey Jim - done - See Gallery 12-2-06
Sending you a Thank-You for your hard work. The Tri-Spoke looks great and it makes a cool sound as it cuts through the air.
Some spare parts and a tool box can get you into all kinds of trouble.
I'm thinking on planing another build maybe a Triumph? I will keep you mind for the wheels.

Here's a picture, I think it turned out pretty good.

Craig - June-2007 (see bike photo on gallery page).
Hi I`ve been meaning to get a pic out to you guy`s, show you what your 6-spoke invader wheel looks like on my bike! I purchased it back in Dec. 2004 I love it! It`s a true beauty! BTW, it still looks brand new!!! There isn't a place I go that I don`t run into an old skool biker that wants to know where I found that invader that looks brand new, or someone giving me a compliment on how nice the wheel looks! Cudo`s to you guy`s!!!!!!!! thanks again, David

ps... And I don`t forget to tell them where they can get their own Invader wheels at: INVADERFWHEELS Oh yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JULY 10. 2007
I received the wheels , They are a work of art ! THANK YOU !!! I just got home from iraq 5 days ago and they came in right on time , again thank you very much . If I ever hear anyone needing some slick wheels for their ride I will be sure to mention you guys .
sincerely , Spc. Alex Lozier 22SEP07
Scotty, I wanted to write a little something and send a pic for your Gallery.Thank you all very kindly for serving and thank you for the beautiful wheels.There's no wheel cleaner looking than a 5 spoke invader..I've recieved mountains of comments on your Top Notch Craftsmanship on these wheels..Thank you for helping me bring the 70's Old School look Alive again. And now I want to shoot for the ultimate in Old School.Will be calling you in Sept to order a 21" Spool!! God Bless, Jerzee Jim July 16, 2008